Same SUV, Different Day?

Kahn’t Resist

McDonald Land Rover Kahn Range Rover Sport

The face of footballers’ cars to come…

Picture courtesy of Autocar

It seems as if Jaguar Land Rover is girding its loins for a revamping of the stock. The image above is apparently the official teaser for Kahn Design’s new carbon fibre body kit for the new Range Rover Sport, which has been shod in brushed aluminium 23 inch rims and painted Bright Orange.


There are plenty of Range Rover Owner’s Rides to compete, thankfully not often in Bright Orange, but seldom are there any finished to the degree of attention Kahn manage.

Apart from the Brabus one, perhaps…

Brabus A Bargain

McDonald Landrover Brabus Startech Range Rover Sport

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the Startechs…

Picture courtesy of Autoblog

If you have enough money for a Range Rover Sport, why wouldn’t you have enough to give it a boob job?

The company in question ins Brabus, who have a long history of pimping hugely over-weight V8-powered Merceded Benz corporate cruisers, have taken their nom-de-plume, Startech, and applied it to to Gaydon’s fastest Chelsea Tractor.

With the 3 litre V6 win-turbo diesel coaxed to give 323 bhp and 501 lb-ft, you can now hurtle that little bit faster to 62 euro-meddled miles per hour in just under 7 seconds, improved from just over 7 seconds, looking just fabulous.

Putting the Free in Freelander

McDonald LAnd Rover Freelander Face Lift

And whilst you’re at Waitrose, can you get me some strawberries?

Picture courtesy of

And it’s not just the Range Rover Sport getting kissed by the bling fairy.

Land Rover’s Freelander is due for a makeover too, as it moves from its current home to become part of the Discovery leisure-orientated family. Design hints from the up-coming Brand New Discovery will likely be matched by improved emissions and fuel economy from the mechanicals of the Evoque, and overall it will probably be just as good offroad and on as the current version, but more prettier for shopping in Chelsea, innit?.

Orange or Teracotta?

McDonald Landrover Orange Evoque Autobiography

Evoques now available in Bright Orange Autobiography trim

Picture courtesy of Autoblog

Talking of Evoque, the baby Rangey is also to benefit from the Autobiography limited edition signature, with a list of interior and exterior upgrades to add refinement and luxury.

For those who like a little bang with their bling, there will also be the Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography Dynamique. Lifting the output from 245 to 285 bhp, engineers have also breathed on the suspension and gearbox making things firmer, tauter and more responsive.

Heroes A Plenty!

McDonald Land Rover Land Rover Discovery Challenge

Mad as a hatter, and wouldn’t you love to buy him a pint?

The demise of the Land Rover G-series challenges has been covered here before, but there’s good news!


A list of worthies are to pit themselves against each other, the weather, the climate and Land Rover’s finest ever Discovery.

Jaguar Land Rover News Room:

  • Land Rover Discovery celebrates 25 years with first of its kind adventure challenge
  • The world’s most acclaimed explorers, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Hannah White, Kenton Cool and Eric Loizeau compete against each other for the first time ever
  • The experienced explorers team with up-and-coming adventurers in their bid to be crowned Land Rover’s ‘Next Generation Explorer’

On Sunday 2nd March, Land Rover will bring together four of the world’s greatest explorers for an epic mountain adventure. For the first time ever, they will compete against each other as they take part in the search for Land Rover’s Next Generation Explorer in the Discovery Adventure Challenge. Marking 25years of the Land Rover Discovery, the celebrated explorers will mentor four promising, young adventurers as they compete in the grueling six-part challenge.

Against a backdrop of snow and mountains in Megève France, The Discovery Adventure Challenge will push competitors to the limit over 24 hours of tense, testing tasks. Ben Saunders, who, with partner Tarka L’Herpiniere, recently became the first man ever to complete Scott’s notorious Terra Nova Expedition, will compere the competition, whilst Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Hannah White, Kenton Cool and Eric Loizeau will get fiercely competitive as they go head to head in the challenges.

The seasoned explorers will be paired with rising adventurer stars from the British Exploring Society, who they will mentor through the physically and mentally demanding tasks. Hannah Wright (aged 21), Cameron Mackay (aged 18), Alex Woodford (aged 22) and Tim Davies (aged 22) will rotate amongst the Ambassadors as they battle it out for the title of ‘Next Generation Explorer’. The decision lies with the Global Ambassadors who will cast votes for whom they think deserves the title. The winner will be announced Monday 3rd March.

The challenges:

  1. Two Land Rover Discovery XXVs compete side-by-side through a slalom course down the slope. Two tense heats, one final.
  2. Precision and speed will be tested in the vehicle Biathlon: one team member will drive a Land Rover Discovery XXV around a purpose built course, whilst the other plays marksman, shooting a laser gun at a variety of challenging targets.
  3. Physical stamina will be put to the test in this grueling task: pulling one of Ben Saunders’s sleds in a race against time.
  4. As night falls the contestants will be tasked with creating a fire from scratch and digging their own snow holes to sleep in. Points will be awarded for fastest build and warmest hole.
  5. The grand finale will be an all-out boat race across Lake Geneva.

Jaguar Land Rover Global Brand Experience Director Mark Cameron said, “The Land Rover Discovery has been supporting and inspiring adventurers and adventures since 1989, therefore it’s very fitting to celebrate our 25th anniversary with the Discovery Adventure Challenge and a search for the Next Generation Explorer. We are delighted to be partnering with the British Exploring Society for this search and look forward to supporting the winner in their pursuit of becoming an established explorer.”

If you need anything serviced before crossing the Apennines, or if you really, really want something also painted Bright Orange, check us out online at

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If It Ain’t Broke…

McDonald Landrover Milner 4X4 Evoque

From Posh Spice to Jalapeno, this Evoque is seriously hot.

Picture courtesy of Milner 4X4

Matlock’s KITT Car

Matlock’s own Milner 4X4 have decided that what the Range Rover Evoque really needs is a 5.0l Supercharged V8 pumping out a reliable 550bhp.

And we commend them for this. We’d love to have a go, and are wondering what kind of Ponzi scheme it takes to pay for the petrol…

According to Milner:

New for 2013, the Milner LRM-1 is the latest thoroughbred to emerge from our stables. It draws from the knowledge gained over 30 years of cross country racing.

Using parts and technologies from some of the best brands in motorsport, the Milner LRM-1 is capable of competing at the highest level from the outset as all of the development has been carried out over the last 2 years in our own ‘works’ test car.

The LRM-1 has a full space frame chassis with double wishbone, fully independent suspension, clad in a composite body shell scaled to 4/5 the size of a road going Evoque.
It is still instantly recognisable as one of the most exciting looking cars to be launched in the UK for a long time.

The first production car benefits from the latest Land Rover 5.0 V8 supercharged engine producing in excess of 550BHP and 680Nm of torque. The transmission is a 6spd sequential gear box driving a Milner transfer box and Milner differentials with Quaife centres throughout.

The Milner LRM-1 is available to customers as a turn-key car or as a rolling kit with a choice of power plants and transmission packages.

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Happy New Year

McDonald Land Rover Series Facebook Tab

Hue 166 and cry; Click the image to go to JLR’s Facebook video The Land Rover Story

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Media Centre

Happy new year to all loyal listeners, we’ve been busy supplying the wonderful Land Rover owners all the parts their hearts requested.

Not only have we seen a strong demand for Land Rover parts and accessories at McDonald Land Rover, Jaguar Land Rover have seen a record year of sales.

Boosted by the stunning F Type and supported by the Lottery Dreamers’ favourite, the Range Rover Sport, a near-20% increase on the previous year’s figures saw the company wave ta-ta (hur hur) to  425,000 happy customers.

And it’s reasonable to assume that they are happy customers, as Jaguar topped the 2013 JD Power customer survey for the second year in a row.

Judged to be the best performing brand when taking into account dealer servicing and parts prices as well as the ‘owner’ experience, a Jag should be a car you want to get India garage (india garage, get it?)

In terms of individual car performance, the Jaguar XF came third, a mere 0.3% off the winner’s satisfaction score. 82.7% of XF owners placed their car above all others.

On the Four By Four front, Land Rover came 6th overall, the first time it’s entered the top ten of the JD Power Survey and a sign of things to come.

Seeing Land Rover tying in 5th place with  arch off-road rivals Toyota is a real indicator of how much the brand values customers, placing not only their comfort but also the technicians’ performance at the top of their priorities.

The highest Land Rover was the Freelander 2 a join 39th. The Discovery 4 tied at 61, beating amongst other notable adversaries the Audi RS6, Q5, Q7, BMW X3, Volvo XC90.

Hot competition smited, the Chelsea Tractor brand of choice did well considering the compromise necessary when looking at just the vehicle alone. Though you’d love the bling-mobiles on your driveway, the fuel and insurance costs would worry Rupert Murdoch, so perhaps the Skoda Yeti is safe for now.

Watch What Car’s video op-ed on the results here

What Car’s JD Power Survey Video

To see Jaguar Land Rover’s Facebook video The Land Rover Story, click the image above.

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Land Rover Goes Green

Cornwall’s Living Linnaean Library Loves Land Rover’s Lithium Land-train.

McDonald Land Rover Eden Project Electric Land Rover Defender

I think I can I know I can…

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender has been adapted by Land Rover to explore the uses of modern technology at The Eden Project;

The Defender 110 Pick Up badged ‘All terrain Electric Research Vehicle’ effortlessly tows the four-carriage 12 tonne road train carrying up to 60 passengers on a 6 per cent incline to and from the iconic hexagonal-panelled domes. The vehicle has been designed to perform its duties throughout each day before being recharged over night for the approximate cost of £2.00.

The Electric Defender has all the qualities and performance which have become associated with the Land Rover brand during the past 65 years. It has full all-terrain capability, permanent 4WD and a top speed of 70mph.

With a standard charge time of only 10 hours, this marsh mile muncher is hardly mercurial. A 4 hour charge is possible though, showing the way for the next generation of Chelsea Tractors.

Who Elsa To Turn To

McDonald Landrover Born Free Foundation Sponsored By Land Rover

Yeah, it’s funny Bowler should call theirs the ‘wild cat’…

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

So you run a charity designed to promote conservation and wild-life care, but you’re doing it in Africa and India.

A Prius just isn’t going to do the job, is it?

That’s why Land Rover has signed a 5 year deal to help make the world a better place;

  • Land Rover agrees new sponsorship support for the Born Free Foundation to continue a successful Global Conservation Partnership first established in 2002

  • The provision of Land Rover vehicles will help the international charity deliver compassionate conservation and care for wildlife in need around the world for the next five years

  • Born Free Foundation’s Land Rover vehicles will continue to provide vital support for projects in Africa, and India, equipped and modified to bring help to the most remote regions

  • Land Rover’s Global Conservation Partnership with the Born Free Foundation reflects its integrated approach to securing global sustainability

Started by actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers in 1984, and now led by their son Will Travers OBE, the Born Free Foundation sponsors conservation and wildlife-awareness programs in Africa and India.

And for the next five years, as it always has, it will do so from behind a green oval.

Pets Mean Prizes

McDonald Landrover World Equestrian Games Sponsored By Land Rover

Four By Four By Eighteen Hands

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Your correspondent is not paid enough to frequent gaming halls and the kind of dens of iniquity where games of chance abound, and yet he is willing to stake next week’s dentist’s bill on the fact that you won’t find a Gymkhana that doesn’t have a Range Rover at every corner.

From the Vogue’s handy tailgate bench debenture to the Defender’s roof rack grandstand, Land Rovers and horse sports have gone hand in hand for decades.

And so it is only fitting that Jaguar Land Rover should once again pony-up as Official Sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 and provide 50 vehicles to support the games in Normandy, France, from August the 23rd to September the 7th;

  • Land Rover is an Official Sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy, France 23th  August to 7th September 2014
  • Land Rover will provide a 55 strong fleet of all-terrain vehicles to support games officials including FEI representatives, Protocol, technical delegates, jury and VIP chauffeuring
  • Land Rover has a long history of involvement in the world of  Equestrian sport including partnerships with the Burghley Horse Trials, the US Equestrian Federation and the Gucci Paris Masters

An official Land Rover Spokesperson did not say ‘Hay, we all get saddled with something but we’ll find some Burghley men to get it done’.

For parts and service considerably better than the jokes, go to or see me on Google+

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Bowler And Top Hat For JLR

McDonald Land Rover Range Rover LWB

Longer Name, Longer Range Rover

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

In a week of bold assertions, Jaguar Land Rover announced their intention to please all of the people all of the time.

In the near future we will be seeing a lot more of the new Range Rover Long Wheel Base, if you’ll pardon the pun, as they introduce a special Long Wheel Base and even more special Long Wheel Base ‘Autobiography Black’ Range Rover model dilemma.

Extra room in the boot will of course be practical, but the 186mm increase in rear leg room will be most welcome to the Maybach and Rolls Royce devotees in need of some upwards momentum.

McDonald Land Rover Range Rover LWB Interior

Opulence re-defined. Muddy footprints not on options list.

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Executive leather seats will be offered to replace the ‘bench’ seats, although either can offer a reclined position to allow you to gaze out of the panoramic roof, safe in the knowledge that the powered side blinds keep unwanted intrusion to a minimum.

McDonald Land Rover Bowler Rally Championship


Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

At the other end of the 4X4 party-trick-list, there are those lucky few who can keep the pace up as they seek ever-longer puddles of mud in which to race.

We say ‘lucky few’ as the price tag for fourb’four’s answer to the Porsche Supercup is in fact similar to that of the Porsche Supercup.

£60,000 including VAT (although if you can figure out how to claim the VAT back on that you should pick up where Bernie Madoff left off) buys you:

…a modified Defender 90 Hard Top utilising the factory-standard 2.2 litre diesel engine which has been uprated to 170 bhp by Bowler Motorsport. All Defender Challenge cars will run the standard 6-speed manual gearbox, controlled Kuhmo tyres and full MSA-approved roll cage and fire extinguisher system. Further aiding the accessibility of the series, all cars will remain road-legal and can be driven to events if required…

Bowler Defender Challenge Car Specification

Based on a Land Rover Defender 90 Hard Top

Engine: 2.2 Litre Diesel
Gearbox Standard 6-speed manual
Power: modified to 170 bhp by Bowler Motorsport
Torque: 450Nm

Additional Features

  • Full MSA-approved roll cage
  • MSA-compliant fire extinguisher system
  • Bowler Motorsport suspension system – including new dampers, springs roll bars and bushes
  • Bowler Motorsport lightweight 18″ wheels with controlled Kuhmo tyres
  • Racing seats and six-point harness
  • Bowler Motorsport lightweight front bumper and sill protectors
  • Intercom system
  • Upgraded mud flaps and mounting system
  • Bowler Motorsport revised door casings
  • Full Defender Challenge livery
  • Optional Bowler brake package
  • Optional service package providing access to Bowler Works mechanics, logistic support plus vehicle storage between events

Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

If you like the idea of competing in a Land Rover Defender or Special, contact us at McDonald Land Rover for all the best off-road suspension and engine upgrades.

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Going Bush

Having just seen this African tour company, we are reminded of how versatile and far-reaching is the Land Rover:

Bush Ways Safari

Bush Ways Safari Landrover

Bush Ways Safari Land Rover

All our vehicles are tough reliable Safari Land Rovers

B: All our customised safari vehicles are extra wide allowing for more seating space and have:
1 Folding windscreen,
2 Removable canvas roof,
3 Perspex windows for the cold and rain,
4 Fridge for cold beverages,
5 Folding side door,
6 Comfortable coil spring suspension,
7 120L water tank with tap
8 Open sides for unobstructed views.

Our trailers are also custom-built on Land Rover chassis:
9 Chair box for easy access,
10 Easy modular packing system – saves time,
11 Folding side table complete with full kitchen behind.

In the words of the Beach Boys, wouldn’t it be nice. or see me on Google+

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Land Rover 101

Not the American synonym for a beginner’s class, the Land Rover 101 is far from an entry-level model.

Land Rover 101

Land Rover 101 (picture from Wikipedia)

Originally developed from the 109″ model chassis, Land Rover’s 1962 Series 2A was a cab-forward design aimed at the commercial market.

LAnd Rover Series 2A

Land Rover Series 2A Recovery Vehicle (picture from Wikipedia)

Cab-forward refers to the placement of the cabin area over the front wheels, and the Series 2A launched with a forward-engined layout.

Originally equipped with the under-powered 2.25l 4 cylinder petrol engine, later and export models received the 2.6l engine and a much-needed power boost. Less than 2500 were made, and few had an easy life.
To quote the boss;

Series 2 forward control? Rare as rocking horse [apples]

1966 saw an up-date, with the 2.6l engine becoming standard and the 2.25l Diesel engine available for export models.

Land Rover Series 2B Forward Control

Land Rover Series 2B Forward Control (picture from Wikipedia)

Discontinued for public sale in 1974, this design became the basis for the 101 military model. As the motor is placed centrally in the chassis, gains in weight distribution are off-set by the need to empty the load-bay for servicing and repair, but as the majority of vehicles were designed to be gun tractors for the L118 light field gun this was less of a compromise.

Land Rover 101 with Field Gun

Land Rover 101 with Field Gun

Land Rover’s modular design ethos lent itself to easily adapting one chassis for many military uses (MOD-ification if you will) and the 101 saw use as a Rapier Anti Aircraft Surface to Air Missile platform (not so popular for the UK, but a major use for the Australians), a radio body for field communications, a rare Vampire Electronic Warfare platform and the more numerous ambulance version.

Land Rover 101 Ambulance

Land Rover 101 Ambulance (picture from Tractor and Construction Wikia)

The ambulance models, whose conversion bodies were produced by the same Marshall’s of Cambridge responsible for outfitting the original 109″ Station Wagons, are really quite popular for extreme overland touring vehicles.

Land Rover 101 Camper

James Stephenson’s Tigger Land Rover 101 Camper (picture from

When we’ve got the time and the filthy lucre, we’ll probably do one too…

Decommissioned by the MOD in the early 1990s, the 101s were replaced in the main by Defenders and (previous Land Rover Proprietor) BAE Systems‘ Pinzgauer models. Familiar shape to them, don’t you think?

BAE Pinzgauer

BAE Systems Pinzgauer (picture from Wikipedia)

Land Rover had developed a small batch of prototype replacements for the 101, called the Llama, but the contract was unsuccessful and the Land Rover Llama failed to take off. Shame, as that cab looks a lot roomier and more comfortable!

Land Rover Llama

Land Rover Llama (picture from Wikipedia)

The 101 refused to roll over though, they even made it into film history!

Judge Dredd Land Rover 101

Judge Dredd’s Land Rover 101! (picture from Wikipedia)

Some thirty models were converted into the finished article, although only a handful remain in working condition. Ain’t she a beauty?

Further Reading;

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101 Forward Control Club Website or see me on Google+

This article was written by Rupert Astbury