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McDonald LR

Range Rover Cream Interior Kills BECMs. ish…

Workshop chatter is cut to a bare minimum as it’s inefficient and wasteful…

…although it does have its uses.

Over a boiling kettle the issue of Range Rover Beckhams was discussed.

Then the workshop-ingenue was slapped down viciously corrected; the Body Electrical Control Module or BECM is the all-important brain of the vehicle, and must be functioning correctly for the vehicle to run at all.

IT is responsible for:

  • Instrument pack
  • SRS (Airbag) Diagnostic Control Unit (DCU)
  • Selector lever display panel (Automatic transmission
  • vehicles only)
  • Engine compartment fusebox
  • Fuse 1 – Power supply
  • Fuse 4 – Power supply
  • Fuse 5 – Power supply
  • Cruise control ECU
  • Transfer box ECU
  • ¬†Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Electronic Automatic Transmission (EAT) ECU
  • Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) ECU
  • Center console switch pack
  • RH door outstation
  • LH door outstation
  • RH seat outstation
  • LH seat outstation
  • ICE (Radio) unit
  • Diagnostic Socket

Of course, if it should fail, you’ll see all kinds of problems, including but not limited to:

  • mis-operation of headlights
  • door locks
  • electric windows
  • fuel filler flap
  • indicators
  • sun roof
  • rear washers/wiper
  • fuse failure codes
  • engine won’t turn over

These faults may be intermittent.

For a fantastic article on the workings of the BECM, try’s Demistifying the BECM

There’s nothing a home mechanic can do to fix a BECM, but you can try to avoid trouble by buying dark-carpetted P38s.

I know, it sounded strange to me too, but it’s a little-discussed fact.

The lighter carpets featured on the Range Rover options list encouraged dirt and stains to hitch a ride, necessitating a motivated schedule of interior cleaning. As the BECM is under the seat, next to where your feet are, it’s right in the firing line.

The more carpet Cleaner you use, the more moisture there is around the box, the greater the chance of degradation in the circuit boards.

So buy a P38 with dark carpets and you’ll have a much-reduced chance of BECM woes.

If you’ve got a P38 (brave little old you, well done) and you need anything at all for it, from the smallest washer to a brand new 4.6 V8 engine, give us a call or go to

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