All That Glitters Isn’t Blue

McDonald Land Rover Blue Lights

Can you fit blue lights to your car?

It’s quite clear that the Police, Fire and Ambulance services are valid users of blue lights to warn us of their passage, or to guide us to them necessary.

There has however been a trend of fitting blue lights to ordinary cars, perhaps to help the owner forget just how ordinary the car.

However, a Range Rover L322 was seen featuring this modern accessory, which begs the question; why?

Norfolk Constabulary has a guide to ensuring your car modifications are legal;

Lighting Offences:

Blue lights – Under the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989, it states “except for emergency vehicles it is an offence to fit a blue warning beacon or special warning lamp or device resembling such whether working or not”

This, however, does not cover the difference between the colour of the light and the type of light used.

According to Wikipedia, the stalwart of internet-sourced quotes;

Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 […] as amended by various other pieces of legislation […] The 1989 restrictions state that no vehicle, other than an emergency vehicle, shall be fitted with a “blue warning beacon or special warning lamp”, or a device which resembles a blue warning beacon or a special warning lamp, whether it works or not.

If the lights are simply blue LEDs, are they legal?. It seems so.

If they don’t flash, are they legal? It seems so.

As far as the aesthetics of a car are concerned, it’s hard to phrase a question which calls for some kind of judgement on this issue.

You really don’t want to lay down the law of ‘what looks good’ if you like Defenders; svelt and swoopy, they ain’t.

And yet in a world where Corsas and Saxos and all manner of small cars for generations have been manhandled by those with more individuality than either money or panel-beating skill, there’s surely some consensus as to whether a modification improves the look of a vehicle?

So how to respond to the position “putting blue lights on your car or truck makes you look like a tit, tempting Police to stop you so that you can rant at them and argue that you’re right and they’re wrong, and head back to the roadside burger dispensary of your choice feeling proud of yourself”?

Or indeed “why shouldn’t I be able to make a statement if it doesn’t brake the law, you tweed-clad Victorian reactionary, barking your patrician palsy at people who don’t care about appealing to a consensus they don’t share, before you retire safely to the net-curtained parlour of your choice and listen to Radio 4 until your Horlicks is ready?”.

For those on either side of the debate, we now stock PMH Lighting’s finest LED lights, in both blue and white, as well as LED replacement lights from both Britpart and Bearmach, at our webshop

This article was written by Rupert Astbury.


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