If It Ain’t Broke…

McDonald Landrover Milner 4X4 Evoque

From Posh Spice to Jalapeno, this Evoque is seriously hot.

Picture courtesy of Milner 4X4

Matlock’s KITT Car

Matlock’s own Milner 4X4 have decided that what the Range Rover Evoque really needs is a 5.0l Supercharged V8 pumping out a reliable 550bhp.

And we commend them for this. We’d love to have a go, and are wondering what kind of Ponzi scheme it takes to pay for the petrol…

According to Milner:

New for 2013, the Milner LRM-1 is the latest thoroughbred to emerge from our stables. It draws from the knowledge gained over 30 years of cross country racing.

Using parts and technologies from some of the best brands in motorsport, the Milner LRM-1 is capable of competing at the highest level from the outset as all of the development has been carried out over the last 2 years in our own ‘works’ test car.

The LRM-1 has a full space frame chassis with double wishbone, fully independent suspension, clad in a composite body shell scaled to 4/5 the size of a road going Evoque.
It is still instantly recognisable as one of the most exciting looking cars to be launched in the UK for a long time.

The first production car benefits from the latest Land Rover 5.0 V8 supercharged engine producing in excess of 550BHP and 680Nm of torque. The transmission is a 6spd sequential gear box driving a Milner transfer box and Milner differentials with Quaife centres throughout.

The Milner LRM-1 is available to customers as a turn-key car or as a rolling kit with a choice of power plants and transmission packages.

Pocket Full Of Kryton-ite

Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn. Scrapheap Challenge’s Robert Llewellyn. Carpool’s Robert Llewellyn.

And now YouTube-channel Fullycharged’s Robert Llewellyn.

In case you’ve not heard of Fully Charged, it’s Mr Ll’s latest revisiting of the TV format, aimed at exploring our use of energy and how a fresh look at alternative energy sources and electric vehicles can help us reprise our roles as socially unacceptable road users.

What’s In A Name

McDonald Landrover LRO DC100 picture

Landy? Seriously?

Picture courtesy of Land Rover Owner magazine

Jaguar Land Rover are stuck. Unlike their unstoppable steeds, they’re in need of traction. They’ve slayed a giant, the venerable Defender name, and now they need another hero.

As Land Rover Owner’s article here points out, you can’t just steal a sobriquet, you have to put some serious effort into replacing a name built on boulders.

Would you buy a Land Rover Landy? Itty bitty witwl Landy? Pwetty Pweez?

We didn’t think so.

So contact us with your suggestions for the new DC100, and we’ll pass them on.

Headed South For The Winter

McDonald Landrover Pole Of Cold

Hug A Hoodie – Everyone’s doing it in Siberia.

Picture courtesy of Land Rover Media Centre

You know what it’s like. You get home and there’s no milk in the fridge. Instead of forgoing the cup of tea which you used as motivation on your evening commute, you quickly nip out to the corner shop and buy a pint.

‘Oooh’, you mutter upon your return, ‘it’s Baltic out there’.

No. It’s not.

The Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) have reached the coldest place available, Oymyakon, Siberia, Russia. The ‘Pole of Cold’, as it is also known thanks to a -67.7 degree Celcius day recorded in February 1933,  regularly sees -58.

And what do you know, but they made it there in a Land Rover Defender 110 with the obligatory roof rack.

Land Rover’s Media Centre:

The team – led by experienced British adventurer Felicity Aston – were recipients of the sixth annual Land Rover Bursary. They include Manu Palomeque, a photographer and film-maker, and Gisli Jonsson, a highly experienced cold-weather engineer, mechanic and winter driving advisor.

The team’s modified Land Rover Defender has transported them across the many challenging terrains of the trip, including joining a snowplough convoy through a storm to reach NordKapp, at the top of Europe, and driving along official ice roads on the frozen Lena River. Enhancements to the vehicle include uprated suspension, underbody and driveline protection, auxiliary heaters for the engine and occupants, a long range fuel tank and extra equipment and luggage storage.

So the next time it gets a bit parky in Peterborough, have a think about the poor Siberians.


In related news, Land Rover came over all of a Twitter, creating a hash tag and everything for the start of November.

Hibernate?  Hithinknot. What did you do?

This blog post was written by Rupert Astbury


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