Land Rover Goes Green

Cornwall’s Living Linnaean Library Loves Land Rover’s Lithium Land-train.

McDonald Land Rover Eden Project Electric Land Rover Defender

I think I can I know I can…

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender has been adapted by Land Rover to explore the uses of modern technology at The Eden Project;

The Defender 110 Pick Up badged ‘All terrain Electric Research Vehicle’ effortlessly tows the four-carriage 12 tonne road train carrying up to 60 passengers on a 6 per cent incline to and from the iconic hexagonal-panelled domes. The vehicle has been designed to perform its duties throughout each day before being recharged over night for the approximate cost of £2.00.

The Electric Defender has all the qualities and performance which have become associated with the Land Rover brand during the past 65 years. It has full all-terrain capability, permanent 4WD and a top speed of 70mph.

With a standard charge time of only 10 hours, this marsh mile muncher is hardly mercurial. A 4 hour charge is possible though, showing the way for the next generation of Chelsea Tractors.

Who Elsa To Turn To

McDonald Landrover Born Free Foundation Sponsored By Land Rover

Yeah, it’s funny Bowler should call theirs the ‘wild cat’…

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

So you run a charity designed to promote conservation and wild-life care, but you’re doing it in Africa and India.

A Prius just isn’t going to do the job, is it?

That’s why Land Rover has signed a 5 year deal to help make the world a better place;

  • Land Rover agrees new sponsorship support for the Born Free Foundation to continue a successful Global Conservation Partnership first established in 2002

  • The provision of Land Rover vehicles will help the international charity deliver compassionate conservation and care for wildlife in need around the world for the next five years

  • Born Free Foundation’s Land Rover vehicles will continue to provide vital support for projects in Africa, and India, equipped and modified to bring help to the most remote regions

  • Land Rover’s Global Conservation Partnership with the Born Free Foundation reflects its integrated approach to securing global sustainability

Started by actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers in 1984, and now led by their son Will Travers OBE, the Born Free Foundation sponsors conservation and wildlife-awareness programs in Africa and India.

And for the next five years, as it always has, it will do so from behind a green oval.

Pets Mean Prizes

McDonald Landrover World Equestrian Games Sponsored By Land Rover

Four By Four By Eighteen Hands

Picture courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Your correspondent is not paid enough to frequent gaming halls and the kind of dens of iniquity where games of chance abound, and yet he is willing to stake next week’s dentist’s bill on the fact that you won’t find a Gymkhana that doesn’t have a Range Rover at every corner.

From the Vogue’s handy tailgate bench debenture to the Defender’s roof rack grandstand, Land Rovers and horse sports have gone hand in hand for decades.

And so it is only fitting that Jaguar Land Rover should once again pony-up as Official Sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 and provide 50 vehicles to support the games in Normandy, France, from August the 23rd to September the 7th;

  • Land Rover is an Official Sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy, France 23th  August to 7th September 2014
  • Land Rover will provide a 55 strong fleet of all-terrain vehicles to support games officials including FEI representatives, Protocol, technical delegates, jury and VIP chauffeuring
  • Land Rover has a long history of involvement in the world of  Equestrian sport including partnerships with the Burghley Horse Trials, the US Equestrian Federation and the Gucci Paris Masters

An official Land Rover Spokesperson did not say ‘Hay, we all get saddled with something but we’ll find some Burghley men to get it done’.

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This post was written by Rupert Astbury.


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